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Shifting of School Location

PRIME (END 2012)

Yuhua Secondary School will be undergoing PRIME (Programme for Rebuilding and IMproving Existing Schools) at the end of 2012! 

To know more about PRIME, do take some time to read the FAQ in this page. 





Q. What is PRIME and why must the school be rebuilt?


A. PRIME is about rebuilding existing schools. (PRIME = Programme for Rebuilding and Improving Existing schools). Re-building is necessary so that we can improve school facilities and students can study and learn better.






Q. What do you mean by better/improved facilities?


A. Improved facilities include the indoor sports hall, IT learning resource rooms and pastoral care rooms.




Q. When will the school shift out of the present location?


A. Yuhua Sec will shift at the end of the year, to the former Boon Lay Secondary School at Jalan Boon Lay (known as the ‘holding school’ ). (Address : 247 Jalan Boon Lay, S 619522).




We estimate that Yuhua will return to the present location (Jurong West St 41) around June 2015.




Q. Will the shift to Jalan Boon Lay mean that my child will have to pay more for transport cost?


A. Students who use Ezlink will not be affected by the shift. We therefore encourage your child to use the EZ link card when using buses or the MRT. The holding school is about 5 bus-stops away from the present school at Jurong West St 41, and the nearest MRT station to the holding school is Boon Lay MRT Station.




Q. What the public (bus/MRT) services that will serve the holding school?


 A. Bus services from Boon Lay MRT station to the holding school are 178, 180, 187. Bus services from Lakeside MRT to the holding school are 154, 180, 187. Some walking will be necessary.




Q. How will the school ensure that my child’s studies are not affected?


A.  We encourage your child to continue to work hard. The facilities at the holding school (at Jalan Boon Lay) are adequate to ensure good learning continues. Teachers will continue their efforts to teach well and to support our students.




Q. Can I transfer my child out of Yuhua Sec?


A. We encourage your child to continue to stay with us. If you have concerns, do discuss with us.




Q. Is the ‘holding school’ safe?


A. The school will continue to ensure that the school is safe and secure for everyone.




Q. Will the school uniform be changed ?


A.  We are not planning for any change in uniform. We will continue to seek parents’  feedback, and keep parents informed on school matters.




Q. Can I apply for financial assistance as a result of Prime? 


A. All applications will need to meet certain criteria, regardless of whether the school is on Prime or not. If you have financial concerns, do apply and we will see if we can help.

For more information, please contact the school and we will do our best to clarify your doubts.