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Background of Sepak Takraw

Sepaktakraw CCA inaugurated in Yuhua in the year 2000, initiated by Mr Muhammad. The team has successfully maintained their fine record of achieving top four positions in the Inter-school West Zone Championship as well as ensuring entry for the National Inter-School Sepaktakraw Championship thereafter.


The objectives of the CCA are:

  • to develop our students’ basic individual & team sepaktakraw skills and techniques and prepare them for the competitive nature of the game physically and mentally.
  • to act as a platform for students to know themselves better through the game and develop the positive social  aspect of team interaction, self awareness amd responsible individual through the  game dynamics and CCA trainings.
  • to reinforce discipline and develop student leadership through the CCA well as other SEL/21st CC/Student Leadership related activities such as NYAA and leadership camps for the takraw student leaders.



Teachers In Charge



Mr Max Lim

Overall Teacher In Charge




Mr Tan Kian Soon



Mdm Noorlinda

Student Leaders


Radin Firdaus


Vice Captain

Muhd Sujimy





Training Schedule

Training Day






/Block 355


3:00-5:30 pm 


(In Season Period only)


2:30-5:00 pm





Programs & Events

The team starts the year with recruiting Sec One students into the CCA and preparing for the West Zone Schools tournament on 7th February. Come february, the West Zone Sepak takraw tournaments will begin and span till early March. The National Inter-school Sepak takraw tournaments will then commence a week after the West Zone tournaments conclude.


We hope to achieve better results for C & B Boys in this year tournaments 2014 and through these games & trainings, the Sepak Takraw students will gain the much needed values of sportsmanship, resilience and self discipline.




2011 Programs & Events







The year 2011 brought a landmark achievement for the CCA Sepaktakraw as the squad achieved its most outstanding to date as the C boys came in as the National Champion and the B boys being the top four team in the country.


 The team was rewarded with a trip to Langkawi as incentive, preparatory for the upcoming 2012 competition as well as participate in the community involvement programme with an orphanage. The pupils had a chance to experience local cultural activities too as they visited the Batik boutique. They saw how it was done too.








Achievements & Awards

  • 2011-Champion for C boys and 3rd runners-up for B boys in the National Inter-school Sepaktakraw Championship




  • 2011-Champion for B boys and 1st  runners-up for C boys in the West Zone Inter-school Sepaktakraw Championship

  • 2011-Top five finalist (boys category) for The New Paper Sports Star Award (Muhammad Irzzat Rosman)



YHS SEPAK TAKRAW CCA March Updates 2012


Congratulations to both our B and C Teams in emerging 2nd and 3rd placing in the West Zone Schools Sepak Takraw tournaments ended in 16th February.


They will enter the nationals starting from March 21st till April. Meanwhile, they will continue to train hard and focus more on honing up their skills to prepare for more challenging opponents from the East, North and South Zone Schools teams.









Though the B boys have only won 2nd after losing to Jurongville in the finals, they still remain resilient and resolved to winning in the coming national competitions.


Five B Boys have also been selected for Combined School preliminary team and if they trained hard, they will get to represent Singapore to participate in the ASEAN School Games in Surabaya Indonesia in July.




The B Boys who are being selected for the ASG Combined School Team are:

1)     Rossyafiq                   3T1

2)     Shafiq B Roslee         3T1

3)     Suriandi                     3N4

4)     Saiful B Ramdzan     4T1

5)     Irzzat B Rosman       3N3




Congratulations to our B Team in emerging Champion in the West Zone Schools Sepak Takraw tournaments held in February at Yusof Ishak Secondary.

They will proceed to enter the National Schools Sepak Takraw tournaments in March 2013.


In the National Schools Sepak Takraw competitions starting in March, the B Boys had played well and overcame all odds against many teams with resilience and perseverance to enter into the National Schools finals played in Bedok Sports Hall on 17 April. Though, they were in the 1st runner up placing, their spirits were as high as before. They were optimistic that they will return stronger in next year competitions, given hardwork, good attitudes and discipline.



Well Done Team Yuhua Takraw Boys!

Website Coordinator

Mr Max Lim