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School Family Education (SFE)

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Need More Information?  Please contact our School Coordinator Mrs Audrey Go @93853538 or via email audrey_go.yhss_sfe@yahoo.com.sg




Dear Parents,


To many parents, most of you will be wondering… what is SFE and what is its involvement with my child’s school?


SFE, in short, stands for School Family Education. It is a holistic family learning programme for Parents, Staff & Students; an initiative funded by the Ministry of Community Development, Youth & Sports (MCYS).


This programme equips parents & school staff with effective parenting skills on how to manage work-life-balance and to be a parent coach to their children.  Students will also benefit from the life skills training programme specially tailored for them.


Since its inception in April 2008, SFE at Yuhua Secondary School has been growing with the active involvement of the Parent Support Group.


The Family Resource Centre (located next to the School Counsellor’s room) is open on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays from 1pm to 5pm and is manned by the SFE Coordinator.


This is a cosy room within the school premises where Parents, Teachers & Students can enjoy their free time in a comfortable setting with a library corner; stocked with a wide range of books on parenting.  Parents enjoy activities such as sharing & bonding sessions conducted by the SFE Coordinator.


SFE @Yuhua will continue to mount on-going interest group learning programmes for all our parents to enrich their lives and foster closer bonds with their children.  Through this tripartite relationship, our aim is to nurture socially responsible leaders of tomorrow.


Parents! SFE @Yuhua has laid out four programmes specially tailored for you for the first quarter of 2010!   Sign up now! Remember….our effort to carry out the school’s mission will not be a success without everyone’s participation!


For more details, please consult me at audrey_go.yhss_sfe@yahoo.com.sg or my mobile phone @93853538.


Warmest regards,

Audrey Go (Mrs)

Co-ordinator, School Family Education

SFE @Yuhua Secondary School




                Mrs Audrey Go ---Co-ordinator, School Family Education 











Feedback from Parents:

"It's a very good programme. Balances and widens our horizon on aspects of parenting. Friendships are also nurtured"

"The school has a Family Resource Centre, a cosy room like a home.....during the parent-sharing sessions we come together to learn ways to build and strengthen the relationships with our children, as well as spouses, through the various parenting topics that are shared at each session.


Feedback from the School:

"It’s because of these talks that the parents come to school more often and they see that there’s a closer connection between the school and themselves."

 "The parents see the school as looking after them; giving them confidence to tackle issues. It’s like meeting their needs in life."

 "Staff wellbeing means that you want a healthy teacher whose family wellness is taken care of.  They benefit from the Work-Life Balance programme and talk ."


Feedback from Students:

"We can understand our parents and what they are feeling because we can see from their point of view through the workshops conducted in school."

 "We have better appreciation of aims and goals and learn to be more assertive in our life choices.”

 "We learn how to handle peer pressure and manage stress."

 "We enjoyed the bonding programmes with our mums and dads eg. the outing to the Bottle Tree Park, Yoghurt-Making session  and  the 1-day trip to Batam.”




                                                                            Family Bonding Activity



                                                                         Yuhua Family Day at Batam               



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